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A Short Explanation

We are the Cube Council System, a collective of six monsters intertwined in a weaving comprising our mind and our body. Time has allowed us greater understanding of who we are, as a whole and as individuals, but our history is unaltered. We are a system that exists due to an Incident (or perhaps a series of Incidents) pertaining to the death of who came before us, though we as pieces have arguably always been here. We are what remains—the One Before's body used as propagation—once seeds of larger organism now grown into an ecosystem connected by mycelium and roots. "Life begets decay and further begets new life." Originally, we were created to keep the body alive and our mental state stable, but now we are at the cusp of moving past survival and into Life. As we experience the second life of our single shared lifetime, we find ourselves here.

We live to try to understand. To try to build a bridge towards reality. To try to reach some "truth". And such, the system was created. And such, the system remains. We like to think we are growing closer with each passing day, even if our trek will last our entire life—and afterwards we too will be used as propagation.

a picture of a giant mass of pink tentacles adorned with white eyes. the tentacles twirl inwards haphazardly and a black hat rests on the top.


KIND: Eldritch Tentacle Monster

GENDER: Abomination


FORM: Kaelos takes the form of a mass of tentacles and eyes, though being an Eldritch they can take many forms. The exact number of tentacles and eyes varies significantly, but key features like a single prominent eye in the center usually stay from iteration to iteration, the eyes staying the same piercing white. Their skin is mostly black in colour, with some pinkish highlights at the tip of the tentacles. Though it is not typically seen, Kaelos does have a mouth but it is hidden within their own mass.


KIND: Monsterous Serpent

GENDER: Demiboy


FORM: Ignus takes the form of a giant serpent, his scales pale grey with a stripe of pinkish red. This serpent has several deep purple centipedal-like legs that extend throughout the body. These legs can be retracted at will. His head, however, is most human like; being of the palest white and fully bald, as well as having hollowed out eye sockets. Ignus' two teeth are sharp and white, complete with a light pink tongue. His mouth stays always open, as his is most skeletal like in nature, lacking any lips or muscles on the outside.


KIND: Monsterous Arachnid

GENDER: "Don't care"


FORM: Coer'na takes the form of a giant spider, though he does not look like one at all. Unlike a spider, he does not have an exoskeleton, instead possessing a light yellowish skin on the outside of his body. Being a spider however, he has 8 legs, or arms considering their appearance and dexerity. These arms look like that of human arms, only with sharp claws forming the fingers. This does not apparently impact hand dexerity. On the head, he possesses two antennae, unusual for spiders. What function these antennae perform is unknown, even to him, so it is theorised that these are only decorative. For a mouth, Coer'na has a singular beak and within it contains many black tongues. His eyes are typical that of eyes of a spider's only much larger to match to the proportion of his body.


KIND: Stuffed Animal/Undead

GENDER: Demiboy


FORM: Null has two forms: one being a human-like undead child and the other a studded animal. The child form always has the stuffed animal in possession. They have skin of blinding white, and eyes like holes. Null otherwise appears like a normal child of about 12-14 years of age. The plush is one of a blue dog with white spots of about six inches in height, its stuffing only present in the bottom and head of the plush. When Null is taking the stuffed animal form, the eyes change to match that of their child's form, else it appears normal, having tiny black eyes with white highlights. The stuffed animal also seems to have elements of Null's undead nature inside of it, though it is not immediately obvious.


KIND: Unknown, possibly divine

GENDER: "What gender is ascribed to the Sun? Sometimes man, sometimes woman. Sometimes both, sometimes neither. Sometimes it is just an object in the sky."


FORM: Ephemeris takes the form of a humanoid figure of roughly 7 feet of length. They are known to be an entity made purely out of light. They have a singular eye that is known to change colour according to their emotions, defaulting to yellow. Their form is a light blue, and despite being made out of light, they are corporeal, being able to pick up objects. Their face is lacking of any other features other than their eye. Ephemeris is known to have a maximum of 12 arms of varying length, each with a human-like hand. These arms can appear and disappear at will, normally defaulting to six. Despite this, they only have a single set of feet. Their body is known to be able to permeated, notably feeling gelatinous in nature.

a picture of a commodore 64 with its associated monitor and disc drive. the monitor is alight to a blueish screen showing the words 'READY'.


KIND: Operating System/Computer

GENDER: Agender


FORM: Commodore takes the form of a computer. Rather, they are technically the Operating System on the computer. Because of this, Commodore can take many forms, including but not limited to, video game consoles, video games, laptops, desktops, TVs, etc. Usually, they take the form of a Commodore 64 computer with the designated RTC Monitor, Disk Drive, and Cassette Player. With them being a computer however, they cannot move physically, though "movement" through software distribution is trivial. As an OS, they essentially form the backbone of the system, as according to them, the system is not unlike one.