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(Site last updated at 5/28/2024)

5/28/2024 | Kaelos

sup! quick update. we gotta new font! its the one i use on my computer for practically everything. i like it a lot. its not an earthbound font (ill probably have to make a custom one and then do it in bold, italic, and both :::/) but ill take it. apart from that, i didnt really add anything. still tryna make plans as how to shape the site, and ive been pretty exhausted so i havent had the energy to do so. maybe when cohost finally dies and i get sick and tired of social media more so than i already am, this will be the main place for my silly outlet. maybe make a blog on here or on dreamwidth or somethin. idk

also maybe planning to move this news section and have it only be like, one or two most current updates. well see, ive been tryna wanting to change the way the index page looks to be more snazzy. kinda getting inspired from older sites which have that 90s-00s flair. i guess well see how that turns out

3/24/2024 | Kaelos

hiya! funny story, turns out the earthbound border images i was using was completely inaccurate. and ive been using them for YEARS. so yesterday i had to change all of them to make it accurate again. you got now the 6 flavours including death-flavour (yum) all in its real accurate accuracy! horray! idk when im gonna be updating this site, i still needa fix some things but i hope you guys like this change, the borders look much more swankier now :::). i would like the earthbound text to go along with it but i havent been able to find a suitable file. sigh, oh well. see you all next time then

UPDATE: i fixed the issue goin on with the system page, now the container is scrollable as intended and the image is floated to the left. it was an easier fix than i expected lmao.

3/16/2024 | Kaelos

hiya! its me again. i made it so that the gif background is opt-in only. the default background is now the earthbound save select screen, first used on this site in the sandbox. dont worry though! this functionality is completely 100% javascript free! it uses the same css as the tabs do hehe. its a tad hacky but it works and theres not really a more Elegant way without javascript. this definetely shouldve been added earlier but it completely crossed my mind sorry :::(

not sure if new Content:tm: will be added soon. many things have been happening and i am Busy. but i wanted to add at least this change. so thats all for now. also, follow my cohost where i post amazing content such as: tentacle. you love tentacle right? i know. its ok. lets love them together :::3

11/13/2023 | Kaelos

woo alright so things may not look that different on the frontend but some styling has been done to fixed that problem i meantioned yesterday with mobile design being a bit sucio. it should all be fixed now, checked on my phone earlier and everything looks like its supposed to... kinda. the nexus-grids still need some work. but im! not! doing that! today! so fuck that. so now, finally, the bones of the new additions are here so i can finally begin planning adding the New Content:tm:. i have so many irons in the fire now. all of the irons. next time we meet well have some new New:tm: stuff. or itll be me adding more stuff to the directory page. most likely the latter.

11/12/2023 | Kaelos

the nexus is now ready! i think. i think tweaking the design is going to be needed further down the line, as i saw some issues with it and the directory pages because of those containers being absolute, but for some reason it was the only way to get it to scroll and still retain tab functionality. perhaps i needa change how tabs work using :target, which i have been explore in the sandbox but the only problem is that i needa find a way to make a default tab. if i figure that out, then i can begin to change the tab system and maybe then i wont need to set things as absolute. web design is hard. anyways, i'll be starting to add stuff to the nexus soon, specifically the game portal. therell be some placeholder images but soon everything will be filled out. look forward to it :::)

11/11/2023 | Kaelos

webcomic section of the directory has been added! only gave seven to start with, theres some more that ive read that are also cool but i forgor :::(. been working on the nexus as well and i think i got the design down to make it look cool, but i will need to still workshop it. gonna take a break for now. see ya later!

11/10/2023 | Kaelos

sup! ive been doing some filling in of the directory and finally finalised its designs after a long struggle session. ive been beginning to work on the Portals, as you see with the new nexus page. i am still not entirely sure what to put there but i think it will mostly be for stuff i cant really put on the directory as it would take too much space (so like, cool romhacks/games, music, etc.). i wanna really keep the directory for bookmarking stuff than talking about shit i really like. so basically: the cool stuff that are cool goes in the directory to be mentioned, and the really cool stuff will get their own page in the portal. sounds good? great.

we are also slowly adding and playing around with animations, and ill be doing more of those in the sandbox. i, of course, do not want to use too much animations to be in accordance to the Motherfucking Website Principles (though i guess having poorly compressed gif files as backgrounds kinda goes against that), but i wanna add enough to have some Flavour. see you then :::)

11/9/2023 | Kaelos

new directory page is now here! i added a bit of everything that i have for it but of course more is coming soon :::) i also had an idea to make Portals (or shrines as theyre called on neocities) about games i like and stuff, we'll see how that goes. since corporate social media is unreliable and mastodon is not really much better i'll probably be tryna shift things to over here, possibly including my new alterhuman blog as well. or ill move it to dreamwidth or cohost. whichever works. anyways, im gonna take a break, see you guys soon!

11/8/2023 | Kaelos

ok. were Actually gonna get shit done now. i have a plan to update the website significantly to make it look all snazzy and shit. also a plan to make a public link directory of the stuff i found whilst scuba diving in the interwebs i found nifty, holding the links out to you like a child with a cool rock. the former, however, is going to take a good amount of time and a lot of effort as im still tryna operate under the No Javascript rule. i really really really want there to be no javascript in this site because i hate javascript so very much <3. if you wanna see my progress i have now created a sandbox page for your viewing pleasure. see you hopefully soon.

6/3/2023 | Kaelos

new poem and i reorganised the writings in chronological order. more stuff soon hopefully.

6/2/2023 | Kaelos

haha! thought i forgot about this site huh? nah, im gonna update it, backup my fics on here as well. idk what i want to do with this site but ive been thinking doing headmate specific subpages. dunno if ill actually get around to that lmao. i also might make this site more earthbound-y. more than it already is hehe. stay tuned for that.

Update: all my writings and fics and shit are backed up to this site now. was easier than i thought. check them out on the writings page.

4/22/2022 | Kaelos

we are no longer hotlinking! also three old poems have been posted to the writings page.

also: egg

Update: the previous problem with the tabs on mobile offputting the view has been fixed! i just needed to set top to 100% and it seems to work now! god i love it when my problems have easy solutions. anyways thats all for now. ive been thinking of making a wiki for my worldbuilding projects but that would be an even bigger endeavour than just this personal website, thats for sure. ill have to see how i would set it up. i also want to make personal pages for me and the headmates, though Coer'na says he doesnt want one. i dont have the energy for either projects right now, but perhaps later. for now, good night!

4/20/2022 | Kaelos

all system members now have an entry! as of now only me and commie (incidentally the coders of this site) have pictures. i also did some tweaks to the css to make it all nice and tidy, not like you can see that anways. happy 4/20 folks!

Update: we now have a button! i spent two hours on this haha. now you can do what the websites of yore do and link to us on our website with this nice little crusty thing. this will also be in our about page for future viewing. enjoy!

4/19/2022 | Kaelos

we have got tabs! tabs with no javascript mind you! while its a sort of meh solution it works! i do want to use as least javascript as possible as a person that uses noscript all the time and disdain websites which have no fallback to no-js html, so i coded tabs in the system and writing pages. it does have a bit weirdness on mobile, off putting the view to the enter of the flexbox when clicking the link but i dont have any idea to fix that. anyways fuck javascript.

a new font will hopefully be added as soon as i understand how to do it. also will add the system pages when i adapt them from the old site. theres no images for the entirety of the system so therell be placeholders as i said before. anywho! see you guys later.

4/16/2022 | Kaelos

ive begun porting the members from the old site. its gonna take some time but the first wip page (of me) has been set up. soon therell be pics (mostly placeholders) for each member. not sure of what ill do with the others tho. i also want to make individual sub-homepages for each of them, though idk how thatll work rn. ill play it by ear.

4/15/2022 | Kaelos

i have finally, finally added the earthbound-like borders which I've been wanting it add for so, so long. i would like to also get a new font for everything (a font also from earthbound would also be great) but im still working on it. for some reason custom fonts are a fucking pain on css. anyways, im super happy with the results. ill start adding system information soon, i promise, i still have the backup from the previous site so ill be able to adapt it from that.

anddddddd we have responsiveness! for a while this site has been as staticy as the start page, but now with a few tweaks to the CSS we have done it! though firefox on my phone refuses to see it the correct way (probably a cookies issue), chrome (derogatory) is has shown me its glory (as well as the inspect tool on desktop firefox). ill add more info on the system soon, though im still making an idea of what i want to do on this site. see ya guys later, hopefully sooner this time.

1/30/2022 | Kaelos

happy additional hell year everyone! i only did some tweaking to the home background and footers for the main pages. i also switched the flimsy "~" line in this news box to an hr tag because i forgot it existed. ill do something with this site when i get the energy but thats really it. im not dead though, dont worry.

11/12/2021 | Kaelos

started the system page. not sure how ill have it set up but ill do something with it. wish me luck.

11/11/2021 | Kaelos

testing testing! hello this is the new news box! thought itll be better to put it on the home page rather than on a blog. reconstruction is takin a while. the CSS had to be remade since i was doing a Bad and not being modular enough. not sure how long itll take. im also tryna make it more visible for mobile phones but i am not good enough at UI so well see how thatll turn out. about page was also made yesterday/today, i added some attribution for icons and shit, as well as my AO3 which only has three works rn. thats about it in terms of news, see ya soon!

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